Work Experience

QPR Work Experience Overview: 

Some of our year 11 students took part in a work experience and employability programme delivered by QPR. This exciting opportunity saw some of our students partake in coaching sessions at the power league at Loftus Road. As part of the coaching sessions our students worked as part of a team with other young people from local schools and colleges in football drills and coaching sessions. This challenged our students to work as a collective whilst developing their interpersonal skills, problem solving, organisation, speaking and listening skills.  

The boys spent a lot of time engaging in football drills, some of these drills they put together in small groups. They also had the opportunity to observe the girls’ and boys’ team, and QPR academy’s first players. 

The boys were lucky to have the Wembley Stadium tour and attended a talk from UCFB (University Campus Football Business) who provided information on a variety of career options within sports such as media marketing, business and law. 

Finally, the boys attended an employability workshop and got tips and techniques on cv writing, interview practice and good presentation. The week ended with all three boys receiving their certificates for successful completion of work experience. 

All three boys were invited to football trials to support their next steps for a place at QPR college at Rectory Park. 

Interesting Industry Fact: In 2001 two QPR supporting brothers bought two players out of their own pockets


Questors Theatre Overview:

One of our year 11 students who has a love for drama and performing arts luckily secured work experience at Questors theatre; Questors is a leading community theatre based in Ealing. Throughout his work experience, which was extended due to his thorough commitment, enthusiasm and willingness to learn, our student carried out a variety of duties. 

The duties involved administration at the box office, learning the booking systems for members and non-members, stage decoration, prop making, printing, photocopying and handing out flyers to local businesses.  

Throughout his time at Questors, he was able to build on and maintain skills that will support him in his next steps at college and future endeavours. He communicated well and demonstrated this through following instructions, listening and speaking clearly and appropriately. 

Particularly when working on stage design, our students showed good teamwork and cooperated with staff.  When faced with challenges and uncertainty he positively found solutions and demonstrated good problem-solving skills.  

Lastly, time management; he demonstrated good punctuality and successfully completed all agreed sessions at work placement and got excellent feedback from the employer. 

Interesting Industry Fact: Questors Theatre is a member of Little Theatre Guild of Great Britain and International Amateur Theatre 



Grays Garage Overview: 

Excitingly one of our students got the opportunity to secure 2 days’ work experience at Grays Garage in Hanwell. This opportunity supported his future interest in motor mechanics, along with his strength at practical learning. The first day the employers were not shy and threw our student into day-to-day life in the garage. The first stop was in Tyre workshop- our students spent half the day fitting Tyres.  This required him to use his initiative and work well as a team. Our student showed excellent listening skills and followed instructions to complete the job, whilst keeping himself and those around him safe. 

As our student returned to work experience the more his confidence grew, and he continued to enjoy this field of work. There is key learning in the world of motor mechanics and motor garages. Our student started to learn Tyre brands and got to experience working in a customer focused role exhibiting integrity. Our students had to understand the types of Tyres and Tyre supply, which involves customer-faced sales. 

Our students’ soft skills are continuously being developed, his interpersonal skills through working closely with different departments such as the service workshop; adaptability and being flexible in his approach, open to change and the demands within the workplace; price match on Tyres which require negotiation skills. Lastly, time management, being punctual and attending his work placement as agreed or notifying staff before the start time if he is unable to attend. 

Industry Fact: Grays Garage deal with private customers, fleet work, Tyre replacement, M.O.T and servicing.