General Overview

Art at Insights is the opportunity for  the students to explore their creativity and their ideas through collaborative and individual learning experiences within an art and cross curricular context. We aim to enable and encourage the students to develop and have sensory experiences that can expand their understanding of art within society and cultures . Our aim is for the students to express art and its meaning through various creative processes and using different mediums such as digital, paint, prints, drawing, film and photography



Key Stage 3

As part of the Key Stage 3 Art curriculum, we study a wide range of modern and traditional art movements including Pop Art, Street art, impressionism and expressionism. We also focus on the research and discussion elements associated with art. Pupils are encouraged to experiment with a wide range of art materials to find their preferred chosen mediums.


Key Stage 4

The Key Stage 4 Art Department offers ASDAN Expressive Arts and GCSE accreditations, which focuses on giving students opportunities to interpret their understanding of topics, such as social and political issues in our modern world. The students are encouraged to develop their ideas through not only traditional mediums but through new technologies such as drawing pads, different advanced software and using ICT.


Students are encouraged to develop their communication and listening skills through meaningful class discussions related to the topic. Visits to galleries and exhibitions are planned so that all students can experience art in a different environment. Collaborative work with outside companies and outside agencies cements the subject within the school curriculum.