Gwasanaeth Gwybodaeth, Cyngor a Chefnogaeth i Bobl Ifanc

Our Young People are the cornerstone of our society and local communities; this space has been created under our IASS umbrella to focus specifically on supporting, encouraging and advising them in every way we can.

YouTube Video by Watch CDC – IASS Children and Young People; Who are they and How can They Help?

Are you aged between 16 – 25?

Do you have a disability or a special educational need?

If the answer is yes to both those questions then the law says you can get information, advice and support about extra help you might need.

What can we help with:

  • We can help with your mental and emotional well-being through our support services and online resources.
  • We can also help you find out what other support services and guidance can be made available to you.
  • We can help you understand exactly what Special Educational Needs (SEN) are, what SEN Support is and how it could benefit you.
  • We can help you choose the right SEN school or college for you.
  • We can help you understand what an EHCP is.
  • We can provide advice on how your Parent / Carer / Guardian apply for an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) for yourself.

What’s going on:

Useful Videos

YouTube video by The National Autistic Society – Understanding Autism

YouTube video by The British Dyslexia Association – Understanding Dyslexia

YouTube video by The Psych Hub – Understanding ADHD

YouTube video by Fixers UK  – Understanding Dyspraxia

Advice and Support

The websites and links below offer more information and guidance on SEND rights and support in higher education

  • Know your rights – Open Link
  • Employment support – Open Link
  • LawStuff provides free legal information to children and young people – Open Link
  • Disability Rights UK – Advice on benefits, care and debt – Open Link
  • Disability Rights UK – Apprenticeships, career and volunteering  – Open Link
  • NHS SEND Advice; for Children and Young People – Open Link

Your Health and Well-being

  • My Mind Matters – Open Link
  • Kooth – Provides free online mental health & wellbeing support for young people – Open Link
  • Young Minds – Open Link
  • Young Minds – How to make a self soothing box  – Open Link
  • Young Minds – Talking to your child about coronavirus – Open Link 
  • Children’s guide to coronavirus – Open PDF
  • Special needs jungle – A Guide into Apprenticeships – Open PDF
  • Kidscape – Open Link