Our Journey

At Insights we offer a happy, stimulating and purposeful environment where every young person is valued as a unique individual. We encourage curiosity, discovery and a passion for learning and pupils/students participate in a wide range of educational and social  activities. Our inclusive approach enables our pupils/ students to make excellent progress and have a sense of achievement.

Our Ethos

  • Every child and young person is entitled to effective school provision.
  • Social, emotional and mental health needs can be overcome through an interactive, inclusive and innovative personalised learning programme.
  • A positive, inclusive school experience contributes to pupils’/ students’ general wellbeing and positive life outcomes.
  • Our students are entitled to support and guidance from a committed, empathetic and skillful team of professionals.
  • Working in partnership with the wider community enriches our pupils’/ students’ learning experience.
  • Our curriculum supports pupils’/ students’ in becoming successful learners, responsible citizens and healthy, confident young people who can make a positive contribution to society.

Our Mission

Insights School & Skills Academy provides interesting, interactive and inclusive learning opportunities for children and young people with additional educational needs.

Our Vision

The school provides a nurturing and positive environment based on Christian values in which pupils’/ students’ with a range of social, emotional, mental health and learning needs can build their self-esteem, gain qualifications and prepare for future employment and independent living.